Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Industrial sociology paper of 2010-2011

PAPER ID- 9617                                                                        PAPER CODE-  EHU302
                           (SEM-3) THEORY EXAMINATION 2010-2011  
                                          INDUSTRIAL SOCIOLOGY
TIME : 2 HOURS                                                                         TOTAL MARKS : 50

                                    NOTE: - Attempt all question.

1.         Attempt any four parts of the following :
(a)      Difference between sociology and Anthropology.
(b)      Explain the merits and demerits of bureaucracy.
(c  )  Write a note on workers participation in management.
(d)      Salient features of Indian Factories Act 1948.
(e)      Describe in brief Navratana companies of India.
(f)        Explain scope of industrial sociology.

2.       Attempt any two parts of the following  :
(a)    Define industrialization and point out its impact on institution.
(b)    State the provisions relating to “three tier” system of adjudication under Industrial Dispute Act 1947.
(c)    Trace the history of trade Union Movement in India.

3.      Attempt any two parts of the following :
(a)    Give the classification of industries as per Industrial Policy Resolution 1956.
(b)    What is conflict? With the help of any two strategies discuss how you will handle conflict at work place.
(c)    Discuss the salient features of Provident Scheme 1952.

4.      Attempt any two parts of the following :
(a)    What is grievance? Give a formal grievance procedure to handle it?
(b)    What are the tri-partite and bi-partite machineries? What is the difference between the two bodies?
(c)    What is strike? Explain various types of strike and their reason.

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